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A page from Who in the Hoot is Shakespeare  – so new I haven’t created the cover yet!

“How am I to ring your praise, Happy chimney-corner days, Sitting safe 
in nursery nooks, Reading picture storybooks”  ~ Robert Louis Stevenson

Asking “what if?” leads to new adventure stories!

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Happy Flower

Fleur De Lis Spree

Mer The Mermaid and the  Pearl


Dragon Race

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The idea for MER: The Mermaid and  the Pearl

grew out of pretty green earrings bought

for my daughter for Christmas in 2011.

The green gems reminded me of

The Princess and the Pea fairytale.

I wondered if anyone had told the story with Mermaids and a pearl?

When I couldn’t find it on Amazon, I began working on it with co-author/doodler, Tana Bevan!

What if a friend is jealous?

New friends become great friends, until jealousy spells big trouble. TurtleThree learns friendship means sharing strengths and stories, and that soaring is for seagulls!

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